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Thread: Playback rate?

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    Default Playback rate?

    So I'm trying to move away from adobe premier elements to something else and I'm trying to edit a vid with Vegas. I race sailboats and use a GoPro Hero to film it but files get rather large since no off and on and off. Vegas seems to import these files quickly and I like that but what I'm trying to do is cut most of it out (4 hours of crap) and speed up the playback of the boring parts and slow down the panic faced dramatic areas. What I'd like to do is use the little yellow arrow selection tool to just modify playback for an time area I want but it seems if I change playback for a 40 second clip to 3x from 1x, it just plays 40 seconds of more video. It's like I didn't really cut anything but it looked liked I did and I just cant modify one little area without splitting the clip into two or more clips.

    Hope this makes some sorta since but this is what I'm seeing and there isn't much on youtube to watch and the tutorials in help won't play.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    I you right click on the clip go down to insert/remove envelope and select velocity. You should get a green line appear on the clip, double click the line to create a point on the line you can move, then double click the line again at a different place to make another point. Now put the mouse over this point and drag it up to speed up the track or down to slow it down. Do this along the whole clip.

    Is this the sort of thing you meant.

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    Velocity envelopes are only present in Vegas Pro.

    If you have Vegas Movie Studio (you didn't specify - tut, tut ), the way you are going about it is correct. You DO split the clip (more accurately, if it's on the timeline this is an "event" - either side of the section you want to speed up)
    You can then change the playback rate, but, as you have found, it will extend to fill the time selection you made. No problem - simply drag the right hand end back towards the left to the end of the section you want speeded up.

    Alternatively (and much better for accurately matching the final speeded up frame wth the next frame) after splitting the event, CTRL+DRAG the right hand end of the event to be speeded up towards the left (or the left end towards the right, if you like). You will see a wavy line under the cursor - thi indicates it will shrink/expand the event in time (ie speed up/slow down). Try it. It's a doddle.

    Hope I've explained this clearly enough.

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    Thanks Guys!! I'll try the velocity thing.

    And yes, it's Vegas Pro.

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    Oh man, I just did it........ how cool is that!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!

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    I'm glad it worked for you.

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    Ok but one more question. Like I mentioned in the original post.... it seems time of a clip is a constant no matter what. If you speed vid up, it just pulls more in from what you cut out to make up the 40 seconds of the original clip?? Does this make sense?

    I just want to take a clip for what it is and change it and not have it add or remove more footage. It's kinda frustrating.

    Any ideas what I'm doing there?

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    I think you are trying to defy the laws of physics.

    If you have a clip of say 20 seconds and you have set the in point and the end point and you speed it up you then have to move the end point back to the place you want the end of the clip to be by dragging the end of the clip to the left until you reach the little notch at the top of the clip, which is the original end of the clip. That's just how it is. Just as if you slow a clip down it will end before the point you wanted, so you would have to drag it the other way. Try re-reading Tim's post No. 3 again.

    Hope this helps.

    Try setting the speed before you mark your in and out points of the clip.

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    Thanks! I did reread Tim's post....... and I have to figure out how to use in and out points.

    But here's a very basic example of what doesn't make sense. I took and cut my vid down to 6 minutes and rendered and saved it as an avi without any velocity envelope stuff. So I open that avi to edit it and if I set the whole thing to an envelope of 3x, I'd expect a vid that's only 2 minutes. But no, the SW takes vid from the beginning of my clip and packs on the end to loop it to fill the time of 6 minutes AND the soundtrack is completely moved off base . From a common sense stand point, that makes no sense whatsoever!!! It's just crazy! Why would they do that?? I know I'm not that skilled in video SW but I can't be that off......... can I?

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    You have to think about it the other way round. Get a six min clip and then trim it to 2 mins long then speed it up by 3x. You will find the clip is still only 2 mins long but contains the whole of the 6 mins speed-ed up. The method you describe above you are missing a final vital step which is the adjust the clip to the duration or length you want it to be. It's actually easier in practise than it is to explain.

    Let's say you have 10 mins of footage. BUT you want it all to play in half the time ie 5 mins. Just put the cursor over the right-hand end of the clip and WHILE pressing the Ctrl drag the clip so it is only 5 mins long. That's it simple. The footage is speed-ed or should that be sped up so 10 mins plays in 5 mins.

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