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Thread: Making Text Fade in and Out

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    Default Making Text Fade in and Out

    I'm having trouble doing this in Vegas 5, I can't seem to find a preset or plug in that can help me out. The closest I can think of would be the timed fade on black in the media generator tab. But what I'm trying to do is this...


    in the background the movie is playing
    as an example say a shot of new york city
    on the bottom right hand corner text fades in reading new york city
    a few seconds later text fades in right under the new york city text but this text is the date
    then a few seconds later they both fade out while the movie continues playing.

    you've probably seen this kind of effects in documentaries and films dealing with a lot of different locations. Can somebody help me out. Is there an option I am missing?

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    Click on Insert and add another video track
    Select that track and click Insert - Text Media
    Add your text with whatever positions, effects, etc that you like.
    The amount of time the text is displayed is selectable in the top right box.
    Fade text in or out in the usual fashion. (Just in case you dont know this bit too, you hover mouse over end of media until it changes to a quarter circle, and the drag)
    For multiple lines (with different fonts etc) repeat the above.

    Hope this helps

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