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    I'm amazed that there are no crashes when so many surfers get together like that. I think this is your best video so far but needs trimming down for the non windsurfers.

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    thanks thanks

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    I thought this was excellent (and I am not a windsurfer!). Really colourful and held my interest. I liked the speeded up assembling the kit clips (given me an idea for the future that one!!). Music blended well and good change of pace. You were probably restricted where you could get - some close ups of the surfing would have been good - but I guess you didnt have a waterproof camera and someone willing to have you on their shoulders as they surfed?? - just kidding!!.

    Enjoyed it and watched all the way through.


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    thanks John

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    I thought it was a huge improvement. There was a much more interesting selection of shots. We got some idea of the people involved.
    I thought the oversaturated colours work well for the garish colours of the equipment though I didn't like what it did to the grass as it made the whole thing look rather unreal. I wonder whether you could selectively exclude the green from the oversaturation?
    Watch horizons. Some shots had sea on a slope.
    There was a lot of stuttering in the earlier pans. I suspect this is because you were doing a slow pan with Image Stabilization (IS) on. This will casue stuttering because the IS will attempt to compensate for movement until it can compensate no more, so the picture wil "jump" to the next position.
    Whilst I though the selection of shots was good, theer were one or two that I think should have been left out: 2:46 the dreadful zoom on to the instructor's(?) legs and a shot showing just his legs crossing the road and then zoom out again to show his full height. What did this add? Also 3:09 the shot of two people was noticable out of focus.
    Like Snaphappy i liked the sped up sections - and well done for not overdoing it by peppering your movie with sped up sections.

    But overall a much more interesting film.

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    with the fast pace of the sport i think it would benefit form a tighter edit. having said that i did enjoy it. good choice of music too.

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    I did wait for your reacion. And yes, you again did give some of your time to give nice opinion. I did make these shoots with my small camera, Sony NEX 3, without tripot. And normally I use to shoot with my lovely Canon XH-A1, with tripot VELBRON 700-D.
    Yes, I was satusfait about the results till I did read your opinion
    I have a lot of things to fix, like you did say, and I hope I will you surprice next time
    Thanks one more time.


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