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Thread: Premiere: Video plays very very slow

  1. Default Premiere: Video plays very very slow

    Hey. I just found this forum - just what I've been looking for. Im new in the video-industry, and heres my first issue.
    I've been searching around google to find answers, but I can't find a solution.

    I use Adobe Premiere CS 3, and when I load my video and press play, then the sound is all right, but the video lacks - it runs slow, and does a lot of stop-play constantly.

    I use SilverCrest 2 in 1 HD Digital Camcorder.
    I've been trying to record in NTSC and PAL, and neither is working.
    Anyone who's got an answer?

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    Perhaps the answer to your issue is HERE. I know it's taking about a different program but it's the same principle.

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    Ok. I needed to render.

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    - BUT ...
    Its working when I render, but isn't there anyother ways?
    I rendered like 190 frames, and it took 5-8 minutes. If its a 600 mb movie, then it'll take all night.
    Can it be ?

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    There probably is, but it depends on your machine and the video format. I don't know anything about your camera or it's format, but it is very likely that it will use some strange compression which is pretty demanding on any computer.

    Your render times are very slow, so the format really doesn't sound to good and/or your machine isn't up to HD specs. you could try a couple of different things. First right click on your preview window and you'll see a menu where you can change the preview resolution. Making this lower wont effect your final output but will make preview playbacks smoother while editing.

    If that still doesn't get what you need (I have a feeling it might not be enough) you want to render to an intermediate codec for editing. It's pretty much just a more convenient version of what yor doing by rendering your timeline. It's just a case of sticking all your original footage on a timeline and exporting it out to a more edit friendly codec. Which would also depend on your machine specs.

    You could try exporting as HDV, it's not the ideal edit codec, but will be much better than what you are working with. You'll probably need to let it run over night. If it's still no good you could try lowering the preview resolution and if still no good you could try the avid codecs which are available free on the avid website. But there are some recent issues with premiere and the avid codecs, I don't know if the issues are avid related or adobe related, if adobe related you'll be ok as it will only be effecting cs5.

    If this is still no good then it's your machine specs and you might want to export your rushes as standard definition Microst DV and work with that.


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    Thanks alot for that answer!!

    My machine is Intel Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E4400 2,00 Ghz. 2 GB ram, Windows Vista 32 bit.

    The only thing on is;

    64-bit operating system required: Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 or Windows® 7

    I've got 32bit - SP2

    2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)

    I've got 2 GB of Ram, but ofc. it'll be better to have more.

    Can it be my machine that's lacking requirements?

    (sorry for my english, im from Lebanon! )

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    I was running xp64 when I had cs3 (for cinema 4d reasons), but I never realised there was a system requierment with Premiere at the time for a 64bit O.S. (I take it that's an HD only requierment) I was running cs3 on 32bit xp at a production company where I was doing alot of freelance at the time. But they weren't using HD yet. It was xp32 sp2, a core2 duo (I don't remember which one but I sem to recal it was 2.4gig) and 4 gig of 800mhz RAM, it ran fine, but with SD Microsoft DV video.

    It sounds like your machine is an issue, when you mentioned your rendering times I had a feeling it was. Something that can make a big difference is if you have the capabilities to set up a raid to work from.


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    Well - I just found out. The error is not the computer. I went to a friend who has the exact same computer. I had my Premiere with me, and the playblack picture ran smoothly.
    I've just installed Premiere on my computer, so it must be the same settings as my friends - but still it wont work.

    Do you know any good converters? My digital camcorder records in AVI. Wich one would you prefer and convert it to ?

    Not the EXACT same computer. But 2 GB of Ram, 2.00 ghz, and the same servicepack.
    I got a Compaq, and he has a Dell

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    You had your premiere with you? If he has much the same spec computer, and it played back the exact same files smoothly then don't bother with converters. It must relate somewhere to how your computer is optimised, you'll need to research how to set up your computer.


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    well - thats why im here, to find out. Probably someother have had the same issue

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