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Thread: auto splitting clips when anothe clip paste on top?

  1. Default auto splitting clips when anothe clip paste on top?

    so if i have a clip 30 seconds long, then after that i have 15 second clip.

    clip a
    clip b

    If I drag the 15 second clip over top of the 30 second one, so the 30 second clip extends before the beginning of the 15 second one, and extends past the end.


    It plays fine, no problem. But what I would like to have happen is for clip A to be split automatically when I do this. so afterwords I would really have three clips:


    the reason is becuase i'll paste clip b exactly where i want it, then later i might want to reuse the shortened clip a

    copy this (AAAA) BBBB AAAA

    but since the clip isnt split when another clip is placed on top of it, I'll end up pasting the long clip a instead of the shortened one

    copy this (AAAA) BBBB AAAA

    paste (AAAA) at end of timeline, what happens now:


    what I want to have happen:

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    Not sure I understand exactly what you mean...

    You cannot get clip a to split automatically, you can highlight the audio clip and press "S" to spit it and trim as required.

    All edits are non destructive and so any cuts does not effect the original clip,

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    Like Z Cheema said Vegas won't auto split clips. You would have to put the cursre at the end of clip (AAAA) then select it and copy then it would past as (AAAA) at the end of CCCC. So it would look like this AAAABBBBCCCCAAAA. just as you want it.

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