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Thread: Problems with hd video files in vegas studio hd 9

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    Default Problems with hd video files in vegas studio hd 9

    I'm a newbie big time. I'm having problems with some hd video clips I'm using for a project. When viewed in a normal player they look fine. But when I play them in vegas studio, they play all choppy and slow like there are missing frames. I've tried using the files in the original mpeg4 format and converting tham to wma but neither seems to work. I'm running an amd 9500 quad-core with 4 GB of Ram, on Vista 32 bit.
    Please help?
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    This is a regular question. We really ought to write the definitive answer and make it a sticky.

    Your "problem" is because you are previewing what is on the timeline. You are not playing a video (which is what something like QuickTime or WMP are doing). These are far from the same. When you render all will (hopefully) be well.

    Vegas does not automatically re-render as you go (unlike many other NLEs). So you don't have to wait between making one edit and the next.

    The downside is that all the work which is done in a render (which takes time) has to be done as you preview, which quite probably can't happen in real time.

    This is why you have different settings for preview. Preview in "Draft" mode for getting your timings right. Preview in "Best/Full" for getting your colours/masks etc.

    If you need to see a section in best resolution and in real time, Vegas provides various options to render the part of the video you want to preview: "Selectively Pre-render Video", "Build RAM Preview", "Render to new track".

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    One other thing is leave the files in the original format to keep the best quality, don't convert them to wmv etc. for editing.

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    Default Thanks a bunch

    All makes sense now. thanks for your help.

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