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Thread: Power Photoshoot ft. Bianca Marie x Kevin Olivia

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    Default Power Photoshoot ft. Bianca Marie x Kevin Olivia

    Power Photoshoot ft. Bianca Marie x Kevin Olivia

    What Do You Think? Personally I Believe Its Too Fast For Me! But IDK, You Tell Me... Thanks.

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    It's all just too wobbly for me.

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    Default k

    sorry about that, but to be frank I wasn't really worried at the time about the shots I was getting when i should've been. but do you think it fits its purpose somewhat? what do you feel like after the video is all done?

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    I just feel confused by it. A piece like this should have lots of fast cuts and movement but because everything is so blurry it doesn't work for me. By the way it looks like you chose the wrong field order when you rendered the video. That's why you have the interlace artifacts on all the shots where there is movement.

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    I'm still trying to work out who your target audience is. What is the video for? What message is it trying to convey?

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    I also felt quite seasick - esp at the start! I can't offer technical advice (as I am a newbie myself at this) but I agree with other comments - "what is purpose? Is it to sell the subjects or the clothing or the music?" Bit weird having the photographer in shot - unless it was documentary of the shoot? Your stills actually were good (although I am still photographer myself!) and were the best part.

    I thought your titling and credits were okay IMHO.

    But nice to see it - thanks for posting it.


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