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Thread: I'm lost. SW suggestions needed. Have read stickies!

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    Default I'm lost. SW suggestions needed. Have read stickies!

    Hi. I hope I am in the right place.

    I have read reviews and the stickies above! I swear. I am still lost. Please be patient with me and the long post as I explain where I am coming from:

    I need help with a recommendation for video editing software for my own amusement. Back in 1998 I purchased the brilliant Matrox Rainbow runner video capture and video editing system. The software supplied was Uleadís Media Studio version 2! The software was brilliant! Itís old now but it supported multiple file overlays, frame by frame editing via time zoom and great playback options plus green screen. It was a gem at itís time. I did a lot of work with it.

    Alas, the software will only run under Windows 9x and will not run under say other OS even in compatibility modes. I have just got a refurbished 3GHz Pentium-D Optiplex running Windows XP with 2GB of RAM and 500GB HD. I really want to get creative. I bought Uleadís video studio for a songÖ and found it was a waste of disk space. No frame by frame handling, no zoom, no overlaysÖ It was written for camcorder handling and nothing more.

    I have since read numerous reviews and they talk about transitions, HD quality, writing to DVDís but not a word about what I found so good about ye olde Media Studio. I just want to put together some DVD extracted AMVís for my own entertainment and uploading to youtube. No more. So I do not want to spend a kingís ransom. I am happy buying an old version of the right software I often find not getting state of the art is the way to get excellent returns for your money.

    All I need isÖ

    Frame by frame editing (you know, zoom down to edit to a single frame.)
    Zoom up and down to view the video project.
    Multiple file overlays (Media studio 2 could handle up to 99 overlays!)
    Some transition effects
    Masking (green screen.)

    I was doing all that on a P133!

    I do not intend to burn to DVD. I am not going to be earning a living doing this Ė itís purely for fun. Ability to import FLV files would be a help but not essential. I just want to get back to where I was in 1998 but under Windows XP. I know that without the ability to cut by frame itís a waste of time. Well, it is for me anyway.

    Can anyone recommend? Old software is fine. Iím not asking the Earth ut the reviews make no sense to me nor screen shots online. I am completely lost. I do know, now, that video studio is not media studio and is, for me, a waste of space.

    Suggestions please!

    Here is an example of the sort of thing I want to do:

    (Me love ĎAh my goddess!í J ) Nothing more than that but I want to do a good job. Itís just for my amusement. But I am fairly itching to get started.

    Many thanks.
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    For what it's worht - which is very little - I have solved my problem.

    My brother had done the same research I was trying to do, unbeknown to me, and had settled on Magix Movie edit. He demoed, I bought, and first edit up and running! Works the same way as my old media studio but much more powerful.


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