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Thread: Parkour call of duty!

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    Default Parkour call of duty!

    hello everyone. please check out my video and give feedback! hope you like it

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    Clever idea....but....
    The shots weren't bad - they fitted in with the shots you migh expect in a game (though a tripod would give more gamelike pans).
    What it really needs is a lot more energy. We need explosive sounds and rapid visuals to fill every second. And it didn't really fill the promise of parkour - there seemed so little.

    I'd treat this as a good "test shot" and build from there as I think it has potential. Especially if you keep the tongue in cheek humour that seemed present.

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    Isn't there a lot of POV shots in this type of game were you just see the hands or weapon. I was expecting to see them anyway. If you call it parkour I would have expected to see some. The occasional jumping over a small fence isn't exactly parkour in my book. Like Tim said take this a test shot and build from there.

    Good idea but failed to hit the mark.

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    Default Thank-you

    I just would like to thank both of you so much for the help. Your advice was exactly what I was looking for and I will definatly strive to get better and use your advice. Thanks again

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