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Thread: Help Please! Exporting AVCHD video on Final Cut Express 4 - interlacing problems!

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    Default Help Please! Exporting AVCHD video on Final Cut Express 4 - interlacing problems!

    Hello, my name is Ben. My new camcorder the hxr-mc50u (it was about $1,500, on the very low end of professional) came in the mail a few days ago. I have the camera recording in AVCHD FX (24 Mbps) 1920 x 1080 / 60i / 16:9. The problem is that when i export the hd video off of final cut express 4 i'm not exactly sure how to export it so that once it is exported it will have high quality and no horizontal interlacing lines from aliasing or interlacing.

    I just want to export my video to my desktop so that i can play it with quicktime and later put it on youtube.

    Right now i'm trying to change little details about the export and basically guessing and checking but half the time i will get bad quality and half the time i will get the horizontal lines with motion. If anyone could please give me directions on specifically the best way for me to export my video it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also i see the horizontal lines when there is motion in my text. I will post a few examples of screenshots i took of the video after it has been exported and the text.

    Thanks - Ben
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    Use a 1080 60i template but make sure you select upper field first in the field order. This should get rid of the interlace artifacts. OR select Progressive, which should deinterlace the video.

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    Do you know what compression type i should use?

    Thanks - Ben

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    I'm sorry, i can't seem to be able to find the fields that you were talking about, and when i did select progressive, it got rid of the interlacing, but at the same time was in bad quality, definitely not HD. I really need more specifics about the exporting process and which compression type i should use if it wouldn't be too much trouble.

    Thanks - Ben

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    I'm not a final Cut Express user so I can't talk you through the setings but if you aim for a mpeg4 format with H.246 codec this should give you the results your looking for.

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    here we're:

    1. Remember, each video passes 3 format stages: acquisition format, editing format and publishing format. Some very expensive systems allow for unified work-flow where all three formats (or at least two first) are the same. Everybody else transcode video files.
    2. Always, and I mean it, de-interlace your source file before editing, use Mpeg Streamclip. For the best results, do it before any other post production activities. It solves many problems. First your footage keeps integrity (CB) and handles well motion effects in a same way. In short, you first complete a picture and later apply effects.
    3. Transcode to the same format as your editing format. It allows to minimize number of trascodings and associated with it quality loss. I don't like FCP, I prefer working in CS5, but the basics are the same. In FCP I would recommend Apple Intermediate format. It is easy on CPU and offers decent quality.

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    isn't cs5 photoshop, not video editing?

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    cs stands for creative suite and contains Premiere Pro ( along with photoshop, encoder and other)

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    hey i use ae cs5.5 and i have the same camera im having alot of interlacing problems... what should i do to fix it???????!!??!?!!

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    Lightbulb i only know with final cut.

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