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Thread: transitions not working

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    Default transitions not working

    Hi there

    im new to video editing, i filmed some stuff on my canon 550D and then transfered everything that i filmed sto my lap top and then to pinnacle studio 14 ulitimate HD.

    my first question is, must i change any settings or formats to the video that i imported before i edit?

    second question, i started editing the video, when i added transitions and played it back to see what the transition looked like in the film, the transition didnt work and instead it showed an exclamation mark before it cut to the next scene.

    please can somebody help me out here.

    any advice on video editing would also be appreciated.


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    I don't use Pinnacle studio so I can't be too specific, but your questions are quite general so I should be able to help. Your Project settings need to match your footage, I'm guessing your shooting either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 and the Codec is H.264, so your project settings need to match, I'm not sure if it's like final cut pro where it will change the settings automatically to match your footage but if not then you'll have to do it yourself depending on the resolution your shooting in. Also I don't know if Pinnacle handles the H.264 codec too well as I know some video editors like Final Cut and Avid don't respond too well to it so you may have to convert it to something else using a conversion software. I'm guessing your transitions aren't showing up because it needs rendering, have a quick look through your manual or google it and it will tell you how to render your footage. Hope this helps.
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    hey man, thanks for the reply !!

    im still having trouble trying to render the footage. ive googled it and watched tutorials on youtube, but i still cant seem to find where to go to render the footage !!

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    You only need to change the format of the footage if your editing program can't work with it. The settings as martchap said should match your footage. An exclamation mark in Pinnacle usually means a corrupt bit of footage but in your case I just don't know. Pinnacle does an automatic pre-render so martchaps suggestion of rendering it out can't be right. I would recommend reading the Pinnacle manual to see how to use the software correctly. The Pinnacle website has some good tutorials you can watch.

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    Don't know Pinnacle myself but one problem with transitions is that sometimes you can't just bung a transition on the very end of a clip... it needs a handle..... ie it needs a few frames with which to play with and make the transition from.
    So if this is the case you make your edit a bit earlier in the outgoing clip...and a bit later in the incoming clip. Frustrating but true for some platforms.

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    thanks for all the info guys

    i downloaded the programme MPEG streamclip to convert my files before i edit them.
    ive tested it out and after converting the files, pinnacle seems to work great, everything is working. so now my question is, to what format do i encode the new clip and what settings must be used to get HD quality when publishing the video??

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    What settings did you have when you converted them with MPEG Streamclip.

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    the file type was .MOV

    i converted the files to MPEG-4 with a frame rate of 1920x1080 (unscaled)

    when editing using the MPEG-4 file type, it edits easier and faster and the quality is the same as the original video with the .MOV format.

    im very new to editing and filming, so im really just going on trial and error. dont understand much at the moment

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    Just to clarify, 1920x1080 is the resolution not the frame rate i.e it is 1980 pixels across by 1080 pixels down. The frame rate is how many frames it plays a second which is probably 25. You want to keep the resolution exactly the same once you've converted it to maintain the quality you have in the original file. If converting it to mpeg format is working for you great, use that, although I'm pretty sure the mpeg4 codec that mpegstreamclip uses is actually H.264 so I'm surprised it makes any difference. After a little research I found that pinnacle actually has it's own H.264 codec which may be the best option for you if you can find it and download it.

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    hey, thanks !! yeah... the frame rate is 24fps and the resolution is 1920x1080.

    im pretty suprised that pinnacle is working now that ive converted the files to mp4 because the codec is still H.264, like you said. but its working pretty, butim going to play around with all the other file types and see what each of them do when edited and played back.

    thanks for the info guys

    i really appreciate it

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