I think I'm going to abandon the Pinnacle Studio (Movieboard12, and more recently, the Studio Ultimate HD 14) route and try something else as far as capturing analog audio and video.

Has anyone here converted from Pinnacle Studio products to the Adobe Elements, or any other capture or editing titles? Are you more HAPPIER? OK, that's the editing software, what do you use for the analog video and audio capture?

I'm converting from STUDIO because I'm tired of wasting my time dealing with a company without having to pay for their customer support and the overpriced, over valued hardware when it comes to analog capture. Does not make sense to have a capture card meant for analog capture with only the VIDEO-IN or OUT, and the Audio going into a separate sound card on the system computer. Two different clocks and no "LOCK IN."

I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.
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Hooked up like this- Analog camcorder camera (vhs-c)- RCA out to PCI-500 capture card. Supplied Audio 'Y' cord from Camcorder audio-out to computer onboard system sound.(realtek audio HD) thus, two different clocks, and no 'lock in.'