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    Ok so I'm starting to put together a film that I'm eventually going to put on dvd and and send to people here in the US and abroad (Peru, Europe) My Question is what setting should I apply to the film in Vegas so that when the dvd is popped into a dvd player it plays in widescreen format only?

    I know most dvd at stores let you choose to buy a widescreen or standard version. do I need to change any settings to just have it play widescreen?

    I've also noticed that from the video I shot(in 16:9) from my handycam trv-33 that when i play it on some tv's it doesn't play as widecreen letterbox version but instead is fitted and stretched on the tv, it does work on other tv sets however. is there in option in vegas that allows the image to alway stay in letterbox?

    thanks for the help, as i just purchased Vegas and am trying to figure it out.

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    Looking at the specs of the trv-33 (thanks for posting the make of cam btw), the widescreen mode is "true" widescreen.

    All you have to do is ensure you work in a 16:9 project setting and output with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The DVD player will then pick up the correct aspect ratio and display is appropriately on screen.

    When you say, "stretched", do you mean playback on a standard 4:3 (square looking) TV it's squashed?

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    yes, when the camcorder is hooked up to a 4:3 tv it stretches the image vertically to fill in where the black borders would usually be. thats only on some tv's though, i know i had that problem on one tv but was able to fix it, the tv had a button to change aspect ratio, though most other tv's don't have that option. I just want to ensure that when people see my film, especially on a south american tv set with a dvd player, that it doesn't stretch the film, it's an ugly effect.

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    This should be handled by the DVD player when you've created your DVD.

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    If you want, you can import your footage into Vegas, but make sure your settings are not set to widescreen. When I do this (with my 16:9) footage, it automatically includes the black bars in my finished product. However, the product itself is still 1.33:1, but what you would "see" is 16:9. I hope that made sense. If it didn't, good luck, anyway.

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