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    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me.

    I shot a movie on my Ultra HD Flip camera yesterday. The videoes (all MPEG-4s) play fine on the computer and fine on Sony Vegas - that is, until a few hours ago. I edited the movie but now something strange has happened. When playing it on Sony Vegas, the sound is fine for about 12 seconds, and then it cuts out (with all the volume bars going to 0), but the video still plays. It's annoying as it was working fine and I've tried to render it three times now but when I do, it plays only the first 12 seconds of audio and then cuts out, with the video still playing but muted. It must be something to do with Sony Vegas as after 12 seconds, all the volume bars go down to 0. The whole thing played through fine earlier, but now it doesn't. Please help!


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    highlight the audio track and press V and see if the rubber banding has been taken down accident.
    Also is the there a new clip at the 12 sec point?, if so see if you have not pulled down the audio levels..

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