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Thread: Rendering for Youtube 1080p issue

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    Default Rendering for Youtube 1080p issue

    I recorded some game footage using fraps.

    Fraps settings: 30 FPS, Full-Size

    My monitor is set to 1680x1050 and so the clips were recorded in that resolution. I followed this guide to render the video using vegas pro 10.

    The m2ts file on machine has amazing quality, but when I view the video on Youtube, it looks really bad. The text is hardly readable. Here's the final product: .

    I am not very savvy using vegas, so could someone please recommend what settings I need to use, so that it looks better on Youtube.

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    You would be better recording 1920 x 1080 in Fraps and then you don't have to change the size during the render which will give you a better final product. You can then render it out using one of the standard templates for HDV 1080p.

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    Sadly, there's no setting in Fraps to change the recording resolution. It only provides options to set the FPS and size (full screen or half).

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    Ok you might be better of using the 1080p template for rendering and changing the size to the same as you recorded ie 1680x1050 and make sure the pixle aspect is set to square. You should also have the project size set the same as this as well. You will always get a better quality the less you change things and changing the size is a big change for a video.
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    Alright, thanks. I'll try that out.

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