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Thread: I need your guys help for editing a video!!!

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    Default I need your guys help for editing a video!!!

    Here's the sort of video this girl wants me to make for her fashion reel.
    I can shoot it in a studio and everything so that isn't a big problem.

    I'll link the video so you can see the effects i want to use

    How would i do that mirroring affect and what software wud u recommend?
    I can't use smoke grenades in the studio so how would i be able to put smoke in upon editing?
    any tutorials or help u can give would be very much appreciated!!!

    thanks guys!

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    The mirror effect is fairly basic which most NLEs can handle. Certainly Vegas Movie Studio will.

    Place the same clip on two tracks.
    Flip one along it's vertical axis (ie flip it horizontally)
    Crop the clip that's on the higher track to half its width.

    The smoke will require software which has a particle engine included. Particle Illusion does precicely this very well, or something like After Effects does particlea an loads more.
    As a cheapskate (and having no real need for it other than one project) I managed to get some reasonable smoke effects out of Bluff Titler (See around 2:05 in this


    Whether BT would be good enough for what you'r etrying to achieve I don't know, but if you have the time and inclination, it may be worth a play (I think there's a 30 day free trial).

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