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Thread: Fixing a screwed up conversion

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    I recently found an old (40 yrs) super-8 film in a box in my closet. It was a 50-ft film on an 8" reel, obviously still on the take-up reel. Well apparently it was only obvious to me! I sent it to a "professional" conversion service, and when I got it back a month later, it was backward, inside-out, and filthy! Apparently they did not rewind it, or clean it, and had to have mounted it it backward to get it to run on their machine as it was still on the take-up reel, so the images are all reversed as well as running backward!

    The questions are:
    1. I know I can reverse it to get it to run front to back instead of back to front, using Premiere or Ulead VS, but is there software that can FLIP the frames so they are correctly oriented rather than mirrored?

    2. Is there software that I can use to clean up the dust, hair and debris from the frames?

    3. Should I just send it out again in hopes of finding an actual 'professional' that will rewind it first, clean the film, and run it forward instead of backward? Maybe someone on this forum?

    It is only about 2-1/2 minutes, but it is rare footage of a dear departed friend, in a uniquely
    'sixties' type film, so it is important to me to have it digitized.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and guidance.


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    I'm sure you can flip the image in Premiere, well you can in Sony Vegas with the pan/crop tool and they both do about the same. If I was you I would send it back to the company and get them to do a proper job. Perhaps the cleaning should be done by you first. Digitally cleaning up a film is a specialised and time consuming job often frame by frame, I am not a specialist. I'm sure the tools in Premiere would do some of the work but depending on how bad the film is it's not going to be perfect.

    Good look.

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    I came across this if you read the description on YouTube it says how he did it.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have been using Premiere since it's inception but have never found that function. If you can be more specific, I will try it.
    The quality of the file is good, with the cleaning exceptions I noted. I have just never seen a video editor that can clean frames like one can with photos.
    As for sending it back, it took long enough to get it after it was lost in shipment for 10 days and I would not trust people who are so stupid that they would invert the reel to get it to run!
    As for cleaning it myself, I am not going to spread 50 feet of film out to clean, to possibly damage it further (I have no projector nor another reel to spin it on) especially when cleaning is part of the service price!
    I guess I will just have to find another service and explain in detail what the issues are before sending it.
    Thanks anyway
    "Beauty is Eternity, gazing at itself in a mirror" ~Kahlil Gibran

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    Hi again, and thanks for the demo.
    In reading the explanation, I only have a few issues. I do not have any of the software mentioned, and am not about to buy it for 50 feet of film. My Premiere Elements does not have all the bells and whistles mentioned. Even if it did, it would not fix the main problem, which is the mirror image.

    I will keep watching. I have a post on the Adobe Premiere Forum, hopefully someone there will have a suggestion.

    Thanks again!

    "Beauty is Eternity, gazing at itself in a mirror" ~Kahlil Gibran

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    I understand your reluctance to send it back to the same people or do the cleaning yourself if you don't have the right gear. I've never used Premiere so I don't know what tools it has. Some of the the tools he describes is from a program called AVISynth which again I've never used. I know with Sony Vegas you can export or render the video as single images which you could then work on and import back into the video program to make it into a movie again. but for 2.5 mins that is 3750 separate images at 25 frames per second. That's a lot of work.

    Good luck.

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