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Thread: Problems with rendering

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    Default Problems with rendering

    When rendering to NTSC DV the results are jittery. Any one have any solutions.

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    Can you be more specific than "jittery"?

    a) what is the input format (DV, compressed AVI, MPEG, QT etc etc)
    b) what is the output format?
    c) are you trying to convert from PAL to NTSC
    d) have you applied any effects
    e) what software are you using
    f) was there any noticable defects in the original video

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    a- avi (captured from dvcamera) and jpegs
    b- avi
    c- no
    d- yes
    e- Vegas5
    f- no
    When previewing the project in vegas there is no problem but when rendered as a NTSC Dv avi the result is crap, mind you when rendered uncompresed the result is fine but 14gig for 6 minutes of video.


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    A minimalist, eh?

    Is the jittery playback constant, or is it just in certain places? Could you provide a screenshot of a section of video for me to have a look at?

    Did you deinterlace your video?

    Did you change the framerate in any way whatsoever?

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    What is deinterlace, I'm new to all this and regarding the framerate i wouldn't know if I changed it or not. Most of the project is jpeg images from my stills camera that are basiclly crossfaded into each other and some video here and there that was captured from a friends DV camera.

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    If it's DV footage and output, then viewed on a PC monitor... then it will be an interlacing issue. Is there "lines" accross the screen?

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    No lines but the video seems to be vibrating. Could you please explain deinterlacing to me. And by the way Mark I really appreciate your help.

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    It would really help if you posted a video for me to have a look at. Would you be able to output a ten second clip and post it here?

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