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Thread: Whip my hair (South African Style)

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    What do you think of this work?

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    Is this work yours? I would say that what I liked most about this video was that all the girls looked like they had lots of fun making it. To be honest I am not a big fan of that song but I liked the idea of all of the girls getting together in that park and whipping their hair back and forth. The scenery was quite nice. I got a feeling they were trying to recreate a club scene though, not sure if that aspect worked. It was around 1:20. I liked the classic walk you see in video clips where the alpha woman leads all her friends towards the camera and I also liked the stop motion of them crossing the road.
    Some tips for future is that although it was great a tripod was used (I'm assuming), the panning was jittery. I saw a video on youtube a while back showing that if you put a rubber band around the tripod handle and pull (assuming you have a decent tripod) the resistance in the elastic creates a smooth pan. The video quality was not that great and the park would have looked much more specatacular with higher quality footage but that is obvious and you sometimes just have to work with what you got, maybe though you are losing some quality in export? Something to think about...One last thing was that although it may be fun and cool to show us all of the friends' names, if they are wanting to appeal to a wider audience we aren't going to relate to all these one word names and a picture. Hope I've helped give a few ideas for the next video project

    P.S. I think it was Siyander. The song is about whipping ones hair back and forth and here is Siyander with a hat!

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