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    Hi There
    Im new to this forum and HD editing. Ive downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere CS5, my camera is a Panasonic HDC-SDT750, ive filmed in 1080p 50i. When I import the footage it looks great in the timeline then when I export to H.264 it took 3 hrs to make a 4 min video then the footage in the new file ,the colours were discoloured in places. Can anyone give my any advice or tell me where im going wrong please. My computer has a dual core processor with 4gb ram.


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    HD is very time consuming to edit and render. Even the highest spec system can bog down.. I use E6 to edit and its pretty fast and to recode to other formats use procoder 3.. a 45 min video takes about 6-7 hours to compress...

    in the end it really depends on how complex the video is, lots of transitions, fades, tracks, color grading, titles etc.. wil all add time to the render.. One thing to do is to make sure you have all other programs you dont need to use closed, things running in the back ground will prolong the render

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    AVCHD is way compressed for editing, especcialy if you need to export in 2mts.

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    Hay there Nathaniel.

    FYI I am using a Panasonic HMC151 for our footage and editing in the native AVCHD format using Premier CS5 and After Effects for comping. For colour correction I'm using the Magic Bullet 'Looks' suite, creating the looks from scratch because the provided looks are very nice but I want more creative control.


    I bought the computer coming up to 2 years ago now with the best specs I could find. Even so, I was told that I may have problems editing AVCHD because of the compression. Think of it like this, the more compressed a piece of video footage, the more work a computer has to do to uncompress it for editing. Actually (with 12 gig of RAM and 8 processors working in together) I don't seem to have any problems with it. It sounds, however, that the main problem might be to do with the encoding. What settings are you using to encode .H264??

    You might find that your solution lies in converting the video to a more uncompressed format before starting to edit. There are various different programs that will do this. If I remember rightly, since earlier versions of Premier didn't allow AVCHD editing, Panasonic actually give away a program that does this. Might just be with the HMC151 though. Hang on...

    ...Right, I'm back. Couldn't find the Panasonic one but VoltaicHD | HD converter, AVCHD converter, AVCHD, video converter, Mac, PC, Software | ShedWorx looks like it will do the job. Either way, however, it would make more sense that the problem is with the encoding since it looks OK on your screen.

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    Your not thinking of the AVC-Intra converter are you. I haven't heard of Panasonic doing a AVCHD converter.

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    Why does it say I must log-in to Reply - when Ive just composed a Reply (which requires you to be Logged-in...?). Is this a logical bug, somewhere?

    I'm using a Sony camera which outputs AVCHD (onto SDHC cards) - - also Sony Vegas 10 Platinum . . .
    so what's this I hear that I need to rescale the video to edit?
    I go to "import Media" and Bingo! there it is, drag to "timeline" and I can play it...right there.

    So presumably my PC and Vegas 10 are working OK?

    Well that would be nice, but the reality is it look fine oin the Camera, look pretty good on a large TV and OK on my Monitor, using a Media-player software.

    However, with render-times about 8x the footage-play I still get very poor video quality.
    Let's be clear... I use a Sony NEX5 = " a still camera with video"...that outputs 1920x1080 x 50i (yes it is interlaced)...the 50 is because it's UK and we use PAL as well. (So much of Sony web-help is not applicable, they think the World is NTSC.).

    I can work the camera, that's not the issue....the footage is fine enough as it stands....

    The PC isn't "fabulous" - but well above the Sony Vegas 10 minimum.... 2.8Ghz, 4G RAM, separate Graphics, oodles of HDD OS=Win7 32-bit . . . . . . and an external drive, which appears to make no difference to the problem . . . that's USB2 . . . . but I've created a folder on the C-drive for Imported video, so the program runs as fast as possible, by reducing any potential bottleneck. Other programs are not running as far as I know.
    The rendered prog is somewhere in the Vegas folder, also on C:/,
    Surely if the "right thing to do" is to uncompress, then all Editinig suites would have the necessary program built-in.... not some secretive supplier who winks what he knows...?

    Symptoms: - I get blockyness, esp in slightly underexposed areas, and I have a Sound-sync problem, with the sound being about 10 sec ahead of the action after some time into the clips (not obvious when editing, since I put a Title (explaining the sound) - and this would have been "close" to the action/sound.

    I'm really upset by this software and even wonder if I should change, before I have to Unlearn too much.
    Vegas 10 is sold as being for HD and has been out several months (over six?), so any "fixes" should be known . . . . similarly, this camera is nearly 1yr old, being based on some of their earlier models . . .. so I don't think the camera-output is the issue. The OS Win7 32-bit has been out similarly, quite a while. Sony recs Win10. . . . . so I hardly can blame MS.

    Any ideas...?

    It's fairly poorly documented, with many "Help" items on doing such things as reversing footage, fancy trick etc. - yet the final wrapping-up and chosing the right format (and Template) - is missing entirely! Presumably they think we only want to "play" at Editing, not actually watch it?

    One multi-sequence was finished to DVD (don't remember how) and this was quite good quality - - - but subsequent attempts have been poor - and now I can't remember how to find the Architect Studio (to make DVDs ) I'm Rendering to HDD and playing (on PC) from there.

    Ideas, thoughts . . . . is this something like others report?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Your not thinking of the AVC-Intra converter are you. I haven't heard of Panasonic doing a AVCHD converter.
    I may have been dreaming. It's been known to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    Why does it say I must log-in to Reply - when Ive just composed a Reply (which requires you to be Logged-in...?). Is this a logical bug, somewhere?...
    The system logs you out automatically after a period of inactivity. Judging by the length of your reply, that time expired...

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    euhm, I don't understand quite well the problem in fact... But I'll tell you what I do for editing my AVCHD vids
    I use a SONY HDR CX700-VE, I shoot 1920x1080 50i. My video editing program is Adobe Premiere Pro 5.0

    First of all, I just import the vids from the camcorder on my external HDD through the Sony program (PMB). I get m2ts files.
    Then, when I open Adobe PP, I can choose the settings for my video editing project and I choose 'AVCHD 1080p 50i' just like the settings of my recorded vids.
    after (basic) editing my video, I render it using the H.264 codec and a 15 Mbps bitrate for the vid and an AAC-Codec and 164 Kbps for the audio
    This always work fine, I have very nice vids and no quality is lost
    The main problems while editing vid is mostly that the bitrate is to low imho, most guys think 'ow, I have F-HD res, now everything is fine' but you also have to set a high process speed of the vid, how much Mb are used per second!

    anyway, here are some examples I did with my cam and my editing software

    (not all is HD)

    btw, my pc is a notebook: the MSi GX660: 4 Gb Ram DDRIII and an i5-460M not very good for vid editing

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