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Thread: There has to be an easy way

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    Default There has to be an easy way

    Warning I am an extreme n00b in this subject.

    I just got a digital camcorder and I'm just getting my feet wet with the various software programs out there. I understand that there is seperate area in the program for imported Video, Audio, still images, etc. (I'm using ImageMixer, M$ Movie Maker, and I also got a demo of the Ulead program) My question is this -

    The video comes off my camera as an .mpg. I import that into the program. However it just comes up as Video. Where is the audio that I recorded at the same time on this track? I understand these programs make it easy to add background music etc but I as a beginner here I'm just trying to get the video and audio from the same movie in together and I don't know why I'm having such a bear of time doing it. It can't be that hard yet I can't figure it out.

    Did I explain that well enough? Can someone help me here?


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    Hi uwark

    Just a few questions:

    What make and model is your camcorder?
    What media are you using? (tape, DVD, media card etc)
    How are you transferring the video to your PC (firewire or USB)

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    Sony DCR-DVD301
    USB port

    It's the ImageMixer software (came with the camera) that pulls them thru the USB port and makes them into the .mpg's. Any better alternate methods that you know of would be appreciated.

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    Firewire is always, always better than USB for video. Before you try anything else, get a firewire (also called i-Link or IEEE1394) cable and card for your PC, and try again through that.

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    Unfortunately it's highly probable the cam is USB only (if it's miniDVD).
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    Correct. No Firewire.

    Why does the method of transfer matter?

    On a side note: I opened an .avi file and the audio came thru with it?!?!? This is really perplexing me.

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    It seems the editing software you're using doesn't like the audio compression used by your camera. Annoying, huh?

    Additionally, MPEG itself isn't the greatest medium for editing due to the way in which it's encoded. So, you can do one of tow things:

    a) re-encode the video to DV (an editable format supported by all editing software); or

    b) buy an editing application with MPEG editing support such as MPEG video wizard.

    DVD camcorders aren't the greatest for video editing, but there are workarounds.
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