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Thread: Sony Consumer/Prosumer users please

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    Default Sony Consumer/Prosumer users please

    Sony recently introduced a camcorder, NEX VG10 which uses a single APS-C sensor - the snag is it's expensive (just under 2k), yet has some omissions that make it unsuitable for "serious" work.IMHO. But curiously it has 4-mics for probably the best on-camera sound.
    They claim this sensor is 19x the size of consumer camcorders (but ovbiously Pro-gear could use 3x APS-C)

    Because NEX VG10 is "New" I've not found any rewiews, although it was featured briefly in "Camcorder Buyer, Issue 16" a must-read for just about every Vid consumer.
    This also reviews some DSLRs but it's not in-depth and there are no clips to view oneself. Sadly it stops with anything below a DSLR. However for 2k I will expect a seriously good kit.

    But I wonder if I've found an alternative, if one is prepared to sacrifice Full HD for something like 1080 - and I understand from "pros" that the Lens is the first step in quality.
    The alternative?
    Sony NEX5 - it's a diminutive 'compact' which takes interchangeable lenses (and third-party, using 'manual' adaptors). One feature they boast is the ability to defocus the background in stills ( which most cheaper cameras process "sharp" - so, if you're like me, you soften the background in PSP. ). It's not clear how this works, but it could be contrast-matching. Neither is it clear if it will work in movie-mode, yet I suspect not. The NEX5 uses the same APS-C chip as the NEX VG10 - and the same lens-mount.
    Sadly the NEX5 suffers from several design faults IMHO, but having separate Audio will help, along with good control of lighting thereby avoiding need for flash.

    Now, here's the Question.....
    Does anyone (here) know this NEX5 camera? Is movie-mode any good? I do not need broadcast quality, hoping that a good story and swift editing will carry the day. Indeed I'm likley to be reasonably satisfied provided the results are decent quality, rather than "cracking". (also good focus effects, using SLR-lenses may help concentrate attention)

    I plan to buy Sony Vegas platinum Sute to edit the clips and add sound. I have an Alesis PalmTrack which manages to collect all the sound I might need (and some I'll omit).

    So, I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced this NEX5 camera.
    I have a reprint from Stuff . Aug 2010, which praises the NEX5 over Panasonic GF1.

    I have discounted the Panasonic 700 series because they have fan-noise and Vegas is said to be "fussy" with Pana-clips . . . . also it's a fixed zoom lens, so I can't use my SLR Nikon lenses and the manual focus has an uncalibrated multi-function ring. The APS-C sensor focal length factor is x1.5 - so a "standard" f/1.8 50mm lens appears equiv 75mm, which is no bad thing for a video, I understand....esp as a zoom's aperture is falling off from the Wide-end - this effect is partly responsible for cheaper cameras being unable to have differential focus.

    That's it . . . . . views please, thoughts, etc.

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