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Thread: New Hip Hop Music Video with Intro

  1. Default New Hip Hop Music Video with Intro

    Hey guys,

    thanks for all the inspiring replies i have got over the past year or so.. here is a new video i just put together, let me know what you think. No major effects in this but yeah would love the critics

    Thank you all!

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    Thanks for posting. But, I did not enjoy the song as much as some your earlier ones.
    For various reasons, I don't have a clue what the lyrics were about. However; some of the elements seemed needlessly over emphasised. A tiny shot of the mixer; but lots of shots of folk and smoke and a singer without a shirt. The last 90 seconds felt different, more inprospective.
    But, other the above, I enjoyed watching it. And I found the audio in the 'introduction' very clear. Personally, I would remix it down to 3 minutes; but then again, I am a bit old fashioned.

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    This is technically your best video, but it needs work. Cut the intro down to one min max. Cut from 2:28 to 2:42 as it's not a good mix sound wise. Some of the split screen works some doesn't ie the two screen doesn't the three way does. Cut the shot at 5:03 man with bloody face. It adds nothing and takes away a lot.

    Apart from that well done.

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    Thanks for the replies.. I don't pick the music i just shoot lol. But yeah thanks again - I would properly have picked a shorter intro however the artists wanted it like that... is this the part as a director you step in and say no this won't be good or do u just do what the artist wants?

    Let me know

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    I guess that is a tricky point, as the expert in the room you can only advise the client what would be best. As they are the client, they are always right.

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