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Thread: With what program this video was edited?

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    Default With what program this video was edited?

    Hi all,
    can someone tell me please what program has edited this video:

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    How are we supposed to know, ask the person who made it.

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    thank you for replay,
    if i could can a answer from the persont i would do it, but i cant,
    there is some effects in this movie (like flashes) that there is certain programs that have those effects?

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    i can ask a easier question,
    what program is the easier to do movie like this (friquently cutting, and this effect like flashe in 3:40)

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    Sorry if Midnight's answer seemed a bit rude, but we get "what program was used for this...?" all the time here. The fact is, we most likely don't know and almost certainly don't care.
    It's a bit like asking "what hammer was used to build this shed?"

    Your later question is slightly better, but only slightly. I would answer Sony Vegas. But that is because I have five years experience of using Sony Vegas and am sure I could approximate those effects in it.Someone who's preferred editior is Final Cut, would probably answer Final Cut.
    It's a bit like asking "which is the easiest language to write a novel in?" Most likely the answer will be the languageyou are most familiar with.

    You see, the easiest, is the one you have developed skill in.

    Now, a much more sensible question would be if you already have an editing package and you ask "Is it possible to make the effect seen at xxx in <name pf program>, and if so how?" Then you will get someone who knows the program, answering intelligently.

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    Sorry if my tone was a bit harsh, I'd had a stressful meal time. With children and dogs and wife etc.......

    I shouldn't and didn't mean to take it out on you. Also it's a subliminal advert for Heineken Beer. I hate subliminals.

    It could have been made in any of a dozen programs. The question is actually irrelevant, I don't see an effect that is particular to any one editing program. You second question I can only answer the same as Tim as I am use to Sony Vegas Pro. The movie studio version is very cheep but very good, if that helps.

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    Thank you very much guys, you realy helped me, now i'm gonna have to look for program that can run on slow computer.... i dont have mac :\

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    they used premier pro CS5 to make the video

    * possibly

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    they used premier pro CS5 to make the video

    * possibly
    THAT made me laugh!

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    Nice one enc.

    If I was going to hazard a guess, I'd say Final Cut Pro. It looks very cine look plug in type of finish.

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