Would greatly appreciate any and all help before I eject my newly acquired Dazzle DVC150 out into space. Well, make that back to the store for a refund.

My problem: NO IMAGE or SOUND.

I have the Dazzle unit connected to a:
Fujitsu Lifebook P5010
.....Pentium M, 900 Mhz
.....Legacy Video Capture Card (I think)
.....512 Ram
.....Windows XP with all updates preformed
.....Plenty of space on the HD so this is not an issue.
Toshiba VCR that is about three years old

~ Iím using composite and USB cables to connect the three units together.
~ Cables are connected to the frontside ports of the VCR and VCR output has been confirmed for AV Front.
~ Iíve downloaded and installed all the new drivers that Pinnacle has posted on their site as of todayís date.
~ Iíve rechecked my codec for mpeg playback and they are updated as of todayís date.
~ Iíve reconfigured all the cables in various permutations and tried capturing but no success.
~ Iíve even added s-video cables just to rule out this connection issue.
~ Iíve rebooted a bazillion times.

When running the capture software, it shows that a file is being created with no dropped frames, that you very much.

The resulting mpeg file is huge, which I expected.

Thinking it was a playback issue with the Fujitsu, I transferred the file to my Toshiba Tecra M2. I tried playing the file through Ulead Video Editor 7.0, WMP 10.0, and WinDVD 5.0 with no joy.

Pinnacleís technical support is closed today so I canít call on my own nickel, quid, ruble, or euro.

Any suggestions from anyone??????

I really want to move forward or at least sideways. Right now, Iím not going anywhere and am wasting time.

Thanks in advance.