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    Hello Everyone

    Please could you take some time to help me out as I know that probably a lot of you have been in the same position as I am now.
    I am a currently studying Media Production at Staffordshire University and I am hoping to develop a career in Editing. I am currently writing a report that requires talking to practitioners who are currently in the industry who have made a career out of Editing and providing a case study. Unfortunately I have contacted a lot of Editors and as of this point no-one has gotten back to me.
    If you could answer a few of my questions and help in my case study I would really appreciate it.

    1.What do you feel are essential technical skills to have when working as an Editor?
    2. What are the importance of qualifications/work experience when trying to get a job in the industry?
    3.What is the most important experience you have had in relation to your working career?
    4.What are the benefits of working freelance in accordance to working as part of a company?

    (also any general advice would be appreciated too)
    If you would like to privately send me an email please send it to:

    Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you


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    Quote Originally Posted by alexmallender View Post
    Unfortunately I have contacted a lot of Editors and as of this point no-one has gotten back to me.
    That is a great shame, although I do wonder how you've contacted them.
    I hope you've used the phone and written letters. It's all too easy to bash off an email (and all too easy to ignore it).
    A letter - especially a handwritten one (or, better still, a handwritten covering letter with an easier to read printed list of questions/detail) - stands out and the person to whom you've written knows they've been singled out as opposed to being perhaps one of a thousand recipients of an email.

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