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Thread: Harry David - Modern Day Romance - First Music Video

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    Default Harry David - Modern Day Romance - First Music Video

    Hey guys

    Here's my first music video. It's an acoustic piece by a really talented singer/ songwriter. Let me know what you think


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    Ignoring the sync problems.
    Wow, Callum. you're making serious progress.
    I thought this was an excellent job.
    There are a number of little things that could do with mprovement - but we are now really looking at little things.

    This has a good balance between "live" singing and a "drama". This is always a good way to prevent boredom (as with continuous shots of the singer) yet still get lots of exposure of the singer. And, whilst it was defined by the content of teh song boy/girl story is always going to work in terms of keeping the viewer interested.

    I thought some of the composition of the shots was excellent - the shots whilst having a coffee for some reason struck me as particularly pro - I think is was because you weren't scared to get very close up. And the sequencing of the shots was very good as well - you stuck pretty much to the wide followed by mid followed by close up convention, but it's a convention for the simple reason that it works. Within that the pace of the editing was just right. The actors looked natural as well - it looked like they knew each other and were just chatting rather than you were telling them to look like they're chatting.

    Areas for improvement:
    Whilst I liked the intentional camera movement around the piano, some of the static shots there showed signs of being hand held.
    Despite being the forums biggest critic of overuse of rack focus, I thought the final scene could have benefitted from some.
    On the other hand you attempted one at 2:50 where you shift the focus from the end of the piano to the hand playing it, but have a bad edit - you cut before the focus arrives at its destination.
    Some shots could do with a little more lighting: the coffee shot shots were good but the sides of the faces away from the window were perhaps too much in the shadows: a bit of reflectedlight back onto the talent might have helped.

    As I said - little things. But overall, I'm very impressed.

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    I will echo what Tim said. It's a good piece. As Tim has touch on most of the technical points I'll go for the artistic side. One thing that I would stay away from as a director in the scene of the boy & girl is that it had a lot of talking in them, which when we don't know what they are saying does distract me a little, it kind of throws me out of being in the movie. I would have gone for more symbolic shots to reflect the relationship between them. Perhaps something like hands touching across the table to show she likes him or something like that. Catch the look in the persons eye, like you did at 1:24, and you can communicate a lot, hats off to the girl who played that roll she nails it.

    You can tell when you have done well technically when I start talking about this sort of stuff.

    Well done guys.

    I liked the song as well.

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    I love posting my work on this forum because you guys give such great feedback.

    I think what both of you have said is fair and I mostly agree. Next time I'll try and iron out those kinks

    Thanks again

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