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Thread: no video with avi files - NOT Codec related

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    Default no video with avi files - NOT Codec related

    So I use a program called playclaw, and I record video from video games and edit them into awesome videos for people to check out what I (we) do.
    It's always let me use the AVI files I get from recording, and load directly into Vegas. It's been about a month or so since I've edited anything. I load up Vegas, and low and behold none of my avi files display video, only audio. I have some files that are captured without audio and those, it won't even try to load, I just get a Red strikeout circle.
    The only thing I changed in my system, is I installed a program called VLC player, thinking this might be the issue, I deleted(uninstalled it and all it's reminance) still no dice.
    I don't want to convert these video files before I can edit them, because they are genreally really really big, since I record mostly in raw or low compression. I've got all the regular divx codecs and such installed, but somehow vegas lost the ability to work with the files, even old files I've used to make videos with, won't load when I load the old project files.
    If anyone has any idea, how I might remedy this issue, I would appreciate it
    Thank you

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    I know you said it's not codec related but from your description it sure sounds like it. Try re installing the Divx codecs again.

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    I know it may seem like that, but I have all the most recent codec installed (I guess i should have clarified that I did this naturally as the first step in trying to troubleshoot this issue)

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    Just to rule it out, I'm installing k-lite codec pack again

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    Well I don't know what could be causing this problem. The only thing I can recommend is to do a system restore from a time before the problem.

    Sorry if that's not much help.

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