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    Hi All, just found this forum and love the info inside, started getting more serious with my videos in the last month and am signed up for a final cut pro course to move away from Imovie. Will also be taking lighting/sound etc courses over the summer as I have some vid ideas that i would like to pursue.

    Right now I mainly focus snowmobile action type videos and "how to" videos on youtube.

    Here's a quick sample of a recent video, nothing special but I'm trying!



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    It's looks great fun on the snowmobile. I like that you mixed onboad with longer shots. I can't say it kept my interest all the way through. SO may be cutting it down by a 1/3 would help. What was the advert at the end all about.

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    Thanks for the input, I would agree with you about the length. The advert at the end is for the helmet cam that I use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    ..may be cutting it down by a 1/3 would help..
    I'd agree with that - but I did like it alot. I thought the shots from the snowmobile looking back at you were particularly good. I'd get rid of the stills too though except for the last few..

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    Not sure how but I would like some hint of why you are out there on the snowmobile. Anything like a little intro at the start of you and your friends saying what you're going to do, a narration etc.. I enjoyed it, I agree with what has been said about the length but can understand, as I'm sure we all can, that when it's too long for everyone else it's just right for you when it's an interest. For majority of video I was wondering why you were riding it. Clearly, it was for fun in the vid but do you use it for work and this was what you did in a break or afterwards or do you always ride it for fun?

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