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Thread: Sony Vegas 10 Lag & Memory (urgent!)

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    Default Sony Vegas 10 Lag & Memory (urgent!)


    Hope I've put this in the right thread, apologies if not.

    If anyone can help, I'd be so grateful, I'm running on a tight deadline of making a video in Sony Vegas Studio HD Platinum 10. Up until now I've been making videos fine.

    The current project is not working because there is so much lag, I can't sync video with audio. I'm recording video with a Panasonic SD60 hd camera, and I have a separate audio track. I should note though that even without the separate audio track, just watching the video with its own sound is lagging.

    I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 15. 4GB of RAM, i5 Intel Core, around 250GB free on a 500GB hard drive.

    I've been searching for hours for answers. I've watched practically every video on youtube but nothing helps. I've already set preview to 'half'. In fact, I've tried viewing in all settings but it doesn't help. I've already tried zooming out of the timeline, that didn't work. I've been through and tried the 'Build Dynamic RAM Preview' and that doesn't work either. I've also tried to render, and here is where I'm getting another problem.

    An error message keeps popping up to tell me that the computer is low on memory and to close programs. There are no programs on the toolbar and not much taking any CPU in the background. I have disabled my antivirus to help. The CPU maxes out when trying to render.

    I have managed to render at a lower quality, just to see how the lag looked. The video was behind the audio. Back in Vegas I used the 'Build Dynamic RAM Preview' and then the video was ahead of the audio.

    I've done everything I can think of, including clearing temp files, cache, system cleanup, system defrag.

    I know this is two problems in one post but I can't help thinking they're related. If anyone can help, thanks so much. I've been using Vegas fine up until this point.

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    Are any other programs affected by the issue or is it just in Vegas. I does seem like you've tried all the usual solutions. It may be time to look at your hardware ie if the system is reporting low memory when it shouldn't. The CPU maxing out during rendering is a good thing. It means the software is utilising all the processor power.

    I don't know what else to suggest.

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    What should I be looking at in terms of hardware, please? The Dell is 3 months old. No other programs are affected, although IE9 doesn't work for many of my favourite sites and had to roll back to IE8. I don't know if that's indicative of anything. Thanks.

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    If the memory issue is only in Vegas then it's not likly to be a hardware problem. It's hard to say what installing and uninstalling IE9 did to your system. The only thing I can think of is to do a system restor to a point that it was working fine.

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    I tried to do this but there is only one restore point, which is yesterday's date. I've tried to choose other dates but this is all that's showing even when I click on 'choose another restore point'.

    I'm being driven mad by this problem. I wish I knew what was wrong.

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    Greetings, I have just upgraded to Vegas studio 10 and I am having the same out of memory problem.

    I have also tried the various fixes and nothing worked (including the CFF explorer fix). My conclusion is that Sony has broken Vegas with this upgrade. Simple as that. Why do I say that? I finally got to render my project by running a copy of Studio 10 side-by-side with my old copy of Studio 9. Copy and pasting each track from V10 to V9 and then run the render on Studio 9 and it works perfectly!

    I know it should work because I have done far more complex projects on older versions of Vegas. This is a joke. Editing is ok but it runs slower than V9, I can live with that but the rendering on V10 is just crippled. To rub salt into the wound, the .vf file is not compatible between V9 and V10 so I can't even do the sensible thing and just use my Studio 9 to open the Studio 10 project file. Grrr

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    I haven't found an answer to the terrible lag problem, but I did solve the low memory problem tonight, after my video failed numerous times to render.
    I'd already done everything like increase virtual memory and closing down antivirus software, etc. Then I came across a video on youtube to help. Worked first time. This is the advice:

    go to Options > Preferences > Video

    Then set 'Dynamic RAM preview max' to zero. This worked first time for me. The youtube guide went on to say if that doesn't work then also change the 'maximum number of rendering threads' from 4 to 1. But, I didn't need that second bit of help.

    Hope this is worth something to someone else.

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    that setting is normally set at a default setting, it can also cock up rendering, so do remember you have done.

    Try CTRL+ALT+DEL and see what comes up in the box, sometimes Vegas does not shut down correctly and it does not show on the monitor but is running in the background. Look at the other programs runneing Dell , Hp etc do put a lot of tat on their PC's, just remove one at time starting with the ones using most memory, avoid the System ones.

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