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Thread: My Wife's Skid Control Day

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    Default My Wife's Skid Control Day

    Ok - A self crit before everyone wades in - First of all I know it's way too long - but this was a last Christmas present for my wife and I made the video for her - so audience wise it wasn't overly meant to be viewed by everyone. Having said that I tagged my number on the end and gave the instructor a credit just in case it happened to find a wider audience.

    Also - the shot at 1.15 did NOT bounce like that in the video before uploading - I'm really not sure what Vimeo did to it there!!!!!!!

    So - if you can stomach eight and a half minutes of a car going around (that's more entertaining than F1 these days) - give it a watch...

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    I think you made this as well as you could. If the intended audience likes it ie you and Mrs L, friends and family then it worked. It's a shame you couldn't go down on the skid pad to get some close ups of the main action but I understand H&S would not permit that.

    Believe it or not I watched it twice and found it better the second time. You have put it together well with a good narrative which helps to make it more watchable. What would have topped it off for me is if I had more emotional involvement with it. Perhaps a bit at the beginning were Mrs L talks about how exited she is or apprehensive etc., would have engaged me more BUT like you say I'm not really the intended audience.

    Technically a good job. Well done.

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    Love all your dutch tilt, Andy. I must play with that some time.

    The opening shots were the give-away that you know how to handle a camers - not just the composition, but having the nous to spot something that might be useful in the edit and capture it.
    The bulk of the film was, as was to be expected, rather samey. I've tried similar (and achieved much worse) of my stepson having a go in a SL500 (or something) around Mercedes Benz World complete with skid pan etc. . A load of wide shots simply can't capture even a small fraction of the excitement or skill. But there they have a camera in the dashboard looking at the driver, so this adds a perspective. I wish I'd miced him up with a Zoom to get some live audio. (Haven't actually got around to editing this footage yet).

    Anyway, back to your video. Competently done. Very good in places and I hope the organisation like it and call you in to do a more general promo video (with access to a wider variety of live action shots).

    More importantly, did Mrs L enjoy the day and appreciate all the money you spent on extra lessons?

    EDIT: Just to add that I thoroughly approve of the way you edited it together as a straightforward report rather than try to spice it up with silly FX (which probably would have made the actual driving seem even more pedestrian)
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    Many thanks chaps. Very kind words indeed. I'm concious it will most likely bore non family to death..
    On reflection I should have mic'd her up - I had the packs with me but just didn't get the chance to get her wired. I asked for a back seat ride too so I could mix some in car footage but was politely declined....

    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    ..More importantly, did Mrs L enjoy the day..
    She did indeed Tim. She even knows what 'turn into it' means too now!

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    I thought it was really pretty good coverage considering your distance. One thought would have been to put a little MP3 recorder in the car with your wife to get her reactions to the first couple skids. For someone who has never done them it can be a big thrill and usually accompanied by screams.
    Nice gift for your wife.

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    I like the different transitions and how the video tells the story throughout the day.

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