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Thread: Kanye West - All Of The Lights----------Effects

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    Question Kanye West - All Of The Lights----------Effects

    Hi a new user here today...

    I saw Kanye West's song, and i really like the effects that are on it....i was thinking i really like how it flashes...especially wer it says Kanye West at the start...its pretty cool, and i was giving myself a challenge to do it...but was clueless of how it would be done.....obviously its done by professionals.....Wanted help from you all. Anyone got an idea of what software would be able to do this?


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    Buy After Effects.

    Write your text out.

    Reduce Text to A path (there's a button for this)

    make this into a subtraction mask and add to a new solid layer - colour of your choice.

    Duplicate the mask - and shrink mask expansion by about 7 pixels.

    Add glow effect then an expression to intensity and radius values of resulting text - it should read "wiggle(4,10)".. but you can mess with these figures (first figure is 'how many times per second"... second figure is 'how much')
    Add colorise effect to text. Cut and paste expression into the colour value.

    Fine tuning is up to you.

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