We're currently in the process of setting up a new wedding services website which will offer services for photography, videography and wedding entertainments.

We already have a database of photographers which we have collated through our other website, which we are now expanding by getting into the wedding industry with our new website www.bigdayproductions.co.uk. It is currently in production and not yet finished.

We are looking for experienced, professional videographers to join our team, by offering us your services as a videographer on a self-employed freelance basis.

With our photographers we've asked them to send us details of where in the UK they would be happy to cover, details of their experience, equipment they use on the day and some samples of their work so we can publish it on our website.

If you would like to be apart of this venture then please could you also provide us with the following:

Your prices for the following:

4 Hours of videography & your hourly rate after that - You might be asked to meet the couple before the wedding, and then all that would be asked would be to turn up and film the wedding for the required time, which you will then pass to us for post production. We may ask for you to do the post-production for us, if that is the case, what would your costs be for your full services for 4 hours of videography + post production time.

Full Day Videography - again you may be asked to meet the couple, simply turn up from the bride's prep, and finish around the evening/ first dance. No Post-Production required.

Full Day Videography + Post production + Additional cameras if you have this available.

We are going to set up a gallery for photographers, videographers, wedding bands and DJ's and we would like you to be able to send us samples of your work that we can publish on our website for our clients to view. We'd like these samples to be advertisement free, without any personal advertising from your own business. Your work will only be advertised on behalf of you, we will not pass your work off as our own, our clients will be able to view your samples, and then they will quote to us the sample they have just viewed, and that this is the type of videography they would like at their wedding, which will then lead to us contacting the videographer (you) whose style they prefer.

Please could you send me a portfolio of your work, or one of your movies (without any personal advertising) so that depending on the location of the wedding, we are able to show the client the work from a range of videographers within that area so they can decide which they prefer.

If you'd like to send us your work on a DVD or other media device, then please post it to the following address.

Big Day Productions
Lynden Cottage, Middle Street
Rudston, Driffield
North Humberside
YO25 4UF

Please email us at
bigdayproductions@live.co.uk if you think this is something you'd be interested in.

Please let us know if you have any problems,

Kind Regards,


Big Day Productions