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Thread: What kind of camera is good for making videos?

  1. Exclamation What kind of camera is good for making videos?

    I'm not ready for a DSLR. They're too pricey for me. Right now I'm looking at a $150 budget for a camera or camcorder that takes HD footage. I found cameras on amazon that fit those criteria. These are the four cameras I found that I'm interested in:

    I'm thinking of point-and-shoot cameras because I can still be using them for still photos because I won't be making videos 100% of the time. I'm also unsure about the Flip and Bloggie cameras. I think they're more suited for blog styles where you just talk straight to the camera. They don't have any optical zoom, which I don't know if it'll be that big of a factor. Can anyone give me some input on what they think of these cameras?
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    We use flip camera at college to record stuff that is "for the record only" and really isn't that good, where as I have a 250 ( $400) camcorder which "under the right conditions" makes fairly decent videos. I would do some reading research then perhaps buy one second hand off ebay?

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    A camera that is held by a good cameraman.....

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