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Thread: Needed Fast: Vegas 10 user for tuition in Banbury area... within 100 miles say.?

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    Default Needed Fast: Vegas 10 user for tuition in Banbury area... within 100 miles say.?

    Hi everyone...

    I jump off fixed objects... BASE jumper... and shoot lotsa video from my helmet mounted Sony HD camera and decided to move up to a professional package to edit the footage properly and make better videos.

    I have Vegas 10 on trial but need someone I can hook up with that can show me around it as quickly as possible as I have a project that needs to be completed asap... I just can't get to grips with the youtube tutorial videos unless someone can suggest a good solid series of stuff I can watch.

    Really would prefer someone I can sit down with at the keyboard that would be into teaching while co-producing an awesome BASE video

    I don't mind driving as I travel extensively for work

    Fingers crossed someone can help



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    I offer training as a qualified Sony Vegas trainer, but I think I exceed the 100 miles. (Harlow)
    We could do remote desktop training....

    have you tried the Interactive Tutorials? it is the Icon with the little hand with pointing finger

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    Cheers... PM sent

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    I'm considering buying Sony Vegus 10 Platinum Suite . . . I understand this integrates their video package and audio (with some royalty-free music to start with). I have Audacity but lack the talent to create/compose from scratch. I have no DSLR/Videocam yet, but do have a PalmTrack for recording audio. Also a decent digitasl stills used for storyboarding, visual notes, etc.

    This is the Question
    Does the Vegas-user from Harlow (Z Cheema) know where one might get some HD footage to experiment with? - maybe a few mistakes that need removal, duff shots to be patched, performer mistakes along with some audio interference - - - - as examples.....
    Reading the web-blurb from Sony there are Tutorials, but until I get the software (Amazon?), it seesm like jumping the gun to follow tutorials.
    What do others suggest?

    Incidently in Vegas, what is the possibility of using .jpeg frames to construct a 24fps film, with each frame slightly different? I had in mind the idea to create a cartoon intro for my epic "War and Piece" . . . . A Blockbuster revealing the love between a Russian general and his personal hat-maker.....
    This requires that Vegas can display each successive jpeg for 1/24th second, I believe.
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    If ya wanna ask Z cheema a question... just send a PM like everyone else...

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    there is some footage to test / play with here but not much
    Review Sony HXR-MC1

    As for Audio , just ask anyone there is plenty of naff footage out there, grab some from Youtube and play with that

    You can put JPEGS on to the time line and depending on how much you stretch them (eg how many frames per image) will depend on how long the image stays on the screen, an image trimmed to 1/25s will give you your 25 frames per socond

    You can always down load the Software down and use as trial until yours arrives and then use that S/N to activate.

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