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    I just bought Nero 6.6 and I am new to video editing. I am having the following problems.

    1.) I cannot capture video from my Sony analog video camera using Nero. I am able to capture video using the click to DVD software that came with my Sony vaio computer which has the built in giga pocket video recorder for capturing video from an external source. Does Nero not support the Sony giga pocket recorder for video capture?

    2.) I am trying to use Nerovision express 3 to edit video that was captured using the "claick to DVD" software that came with my PC. The editing features in Nero do not appear to be working at all. When I import 2 files into Nero and try to merge them, they appear to merge, but when I click on edit movie they break off again into the 2 seperate video files that I started with before merging. I am also having many problems using the "cut" and "slice" features of Nero. Do may problems stem from the fact that I used software other than Nero to do the capture?

    Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you


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    If you're planning on doing video editing, Nero is a bit *too* basic to be doing stuff like this with. If you can, buy Adobe Premiere Elements, which, for the price (around about 55 - 70 depending on where you buy it from) is surprisingly good at what it does.

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