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    Default major or minor problem!!!!

    hi all.. desperately needing help..

    I have a panasonic HDC-SD600. and i use a MacBookPro.
    I am going to Indonesia, with camcorder and SD cards. NO computer! i have 20G in memory, and i will take another 500G hard drive. My intention is to transfer the SD cards using computers in cafes on my trip.
    BUT i have just tried to transfer the data on the SD cards without using iMovie or Final cut, but too no avail.. i cant seem to save the data on my hard drive.
    it will save photos but NO video(if i open iMovie it will transfer) any help will be much appreciated as i am going this weekend

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    Not been familier with either, I would guess you might need to look in other folders on the card if you haven't already done so.

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    The video on the cards is stored in a particular format... it's not easily accessible and needs to be read in conjunction with all the other files on the card.

    SO... the video files on the card are unreadable unless you import them through software which in effect interprets the data on the whole of the card.

    Simply transferring the large video files or folders over is NOT enough. You need to transfer over the contents of the whole card - including any seemingly small and unimportant things like small text files.
    Transfer over all the data into a folder on the drive marked 'card one' ..... you may then import your video from this folder into your editing program.

    What i'm saying is...Don't look to copy over video files.... it doesn't work that way. But there is no reason you can't copy over the contents of the whole card into discrete folders and then import later from these folders.

    Make sure you are copying over everything... even hidden files.

    Video Production London

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    Sounds like it's similar to P2 cards. So it can be done as Thurston Lang says. If it's the same as my set up, I can't stress enough about copying the whole of the cards content each time into a separate folder and don't miss the small text file in the root folder as the video will not play without this. Each time you copy the card the whole of the cards files and folders needs to be put in a separate folder along with the lastclip.txt file, if that's what it's called on your system.

    Have a nice time.

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