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Thread: Sony's new FS100 35mm Camera

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    Default Sony's new FS100 35mm Camera

    What a beauty had the chance to use it and will be having it again soon hopefully to give it a proper try out

    Sony : New Super 35mm & rain-proof camcorders launched : Ireland

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    Saw this online earlier - what a beauty eh?

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    Ah but did you see in the video with that 3d waistcoat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    Ah but did you see in the video with that 3d waistcoat
    With a fine figure like that, you'd struggle to fit into a 2D one!

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    I think the designer of the waistcoat obviously took inspiration from my tree video. It does look like a nice camera, It's great that Sony and Panasonic are now making cameras like this, have they decided what the price it's going to be. I think it's just going to be out of reach for me. :(

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    No, it looses all it's leaves over the winter, so it just looks like a twig stuck in the ground.

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