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Thread: HD video feed from one town to another! Possibilities?

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    Default HD video feed from one town to another! Possibilities?


    I am researching a proposed project for the gallery I work in.

    The artist requires live HD video feed from bristol UK to London. The camera will be situated in a window looking out (no audio required I believe).

    I am told that streaming via wifi connections wouldn't suffice and quality would be be lost if a connection made at all. The output would be via projector linked to laptop.

    The loose idea is to trick the viewer into thinking what they are watching is recorded and simply played back, but it would be in fact live, (hence the important of retaining HD quality).

    Any help on this would be fantastic whether it be about hardware, software, or connection solutions.

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    It's very possible. You just need to make sure your getting enough mbs(Megabites Per Second) from your internet providers, and your wifi reciever can handle the certin amount of "juice" needed. Pretty sure it's just like watching Youtube videos in HD but in real time. If you can watch HD youtube videos with out a delay, you should be fine. From both computers though.

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