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    Default LuckyFish Productions Intro

    Some work that iv'e been doing in After Effects for our new intro.

    LuckyFish Productions -

    Copyright 2011, LuckyFish Productions

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    I love it, from the image, color etc... up to the sound, maybe a tad bit longer, let the sound "grow" then "die" entirely

    are these your "secrets"? because I'd love you to walk us through the shot, I'm sure there's plenty to learn for beginners like myself.

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    Like the logo - like the reflection and the glow look - cant see the point of the bubbles or balls or whatever they are.

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    Welding Sparks that's what the coloured balls are, If one has ever work in fabrication you'd know that has given me the idea to go out and film some and slo mo it all..

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    Yes, it's look is good, it may be a bit to busy ie you have crammed in a lot in the 6 seconds or it may have longevity, I don't know yet. Speaking as someone who constantly changes their logo I'm never fully satisfied with mine.

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    lol yea, its hard to find something you like especially if you have the tendency of changing your mind 24/7. I do thank everyone for there feedback

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