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Thread: Music copyright for wedding slideshows - DVD and streaming - advice please

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    Default Music copyright for wedding slideshows - DVD and streaming - advice please

    Im trying to find out more information regarding copyright and the use of music on slideshows that I intend to make for weddings, family gatherings, birthdays etc. The slideshows would consist of memorable photos and the odd bit of domestic footage all being shown with various pieces of favorite songs/ music playing - which I would add. This would get recorded onto a DVD and I would also like to stream some examples of my previous slideshows onto my website plus allow customers the opportunity to stream these slideshows onto their facebook or website page if they wanted to. However to play this music exactly which licence do I need to purchase? Im reading about PPL and MPCS on the IOV website plus Im hearing about other licences but can safely say that Im really confused as to how to go about doing this right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    I can't believe you missed this thread -

    Its a sticky right in this sub-section.

    It's a subject that's been flogged to death over and over - do a forum search and you'll find everything you need to know.

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    Default Thanks but sticky thread is too confusing

    Hi Mr Super Moderator,

    Yes I did read the sticky thread re music copyright thanks but there are so many different options tailored for different circumstances that it got a bit confusing as to what is what. Do I approach IOV or IOC? Would it be possible for someone to impart their wisdom to answer my query - I just want to know what licence/ process I must apply for to ensure that Im legal in terms of using recorded music which I buy on itunes against slideshows for weddings, birthdays etc and whether there is anything different that I need to get for streaming these on a website or a facebook page.

    Thanks very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathedralcat View Post
    ...Do I approach IOV...
    Indeed you do. Gotta agree actually - that thread does go around the houses a bit.. Sorry!

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    The slides Show DVD you require the PPL & a MCPS licence, this can be had on the PPL MCPS Alliance site and look for LM Licence

    or read the IOv site it has all the answers.
    For web a completely different and complicated route is required, though as Youtube as a blanket licence it may cover you if you post there

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    Lightbulb Music Copyrights - a little more information.

    As I have just joined the forum and started reading some of the threads I came across the 'Sticky' Music Copyright thread and this one and just thought I would add my two-penneth worth

    Having started doing videography about three years ago and filming weddings and producing DVD's I needed to get up to speed on these copyright issues (something I didn't really listen to during the Uni lectures but soon wished I had) and did some research as to what the lay of the land was. Paul makes some very interesting and pertinent points however there are a couple of items that he missed out on.

    I telephoned PRS and IOV and discussed with them at length what I would need to do to ensure that I wasn't breaching Copyright law for both DVD production and displaying my showreels on the web, the information I came away with was this;

    If I am producing a small number of DVD's (1 to 1000 (250 for PPL) of footage that I captured that has both filmed copyrighted music i.e DJ, Live Band, which could be considered 'incidental' or are adding copyrighted music during the post production to enhance the film then I would require a PRS LM (Limited Manufacture) Licence which includes both MCPS and PPL. This would cover all variations of general Copyrighted Music, however if I where to use 'Dramatic' music i.e. from a Broadway Production or such like then I would need a Grand Rights licence.

    So in simple terms; in order to film, edit, create and distribute a Wedding DVD or similar that contained Copyrighted Music - incidental or Added in post, on no more than 1000 DVD/CD copies I would require a PRS LM Licence.

    But for adding showreels to the web, that was a totally different kettle of fish, the PRS informed me that they do not currently have a licence that covers this (as I am not allowing downloads for copying, 'broadcasting', or selling the tracks) so I would have to contact each artist or their agent and ask permission for use each time I included it on a showreel/film.

    The IOV on the other hand gave me this little piece of advice;
    We give this advice to our members when asked, if you have purchased a PRS LM Licence for the DVD and have therefor paid for the use of the music which is then connected to that specific film then you may use it on you website. As there is no specific licence available and you therefore can not purchase one that way creating a DVD and purchasing the PRS LM Licence would essentially do the same thing and should there be a query from any interested parties then at least you have attempted to honour the 'copyright law' by making a purchase and paying the PRS and therefore the artist responsible for the music

    So when I have created a new wedding film I purchase a new PRS LM Licence and when I have done a new showreel from that film I purchase another, this covers me for both DVD distribution and website display.

    Also, one other note to add is that PRS LM Licences do not need to be purchased in advance and may be back dated where necessary. One reason for this is that you may record some incidental music on the day or you may not, but you wont know how much copyrighted music you are going to add until its time to edit so which licence do you get the 'under 25 mins' one or the 'over 25mins' version, obviously as the cost is different then it makes sense to get the one that is appropriate to the film and you not going to now which until the final edit is complete. Current pricing ranges from 7.50 to 320 dependent on the licence type (MCPS or MCPS+PPL) and the amount of music (less than 25 or greater than 25 minutes) and the amount of copies.

    I also think its important to understand the purpose of PRS where artists are concerned - they are there to ensure that artists get paid for their work and rightly so, however (for those that don't know already) they don't pay an individual artist or band when you use their music for a project, the artist or band as a registered member of the industry gets paid a percentage of all the money that PRS take in over a year (in simple terms) so given Paul's previous post I wouldn't have even asked PRS as the artist is probably registered and collecting royalties and making a standard purchase of the LM licence (probably) would have sufficed, they will still get Paul's paid contribution.

    Hope this 'short' post helps make it somewhat easier for those that need to, to understand the issues regarding music copyright and simple Wedding DVD creation and distribution.

    PRS LM Licences and information about such can be obtained here if required: PRS for Music

    One last tid-bit - having recently enquired about getting some of our work on to the Wedding TV channel (all marketing helps ) I found out another interesting fact. The creator of the program/film is not responsible for the copyright issues regarding broadcast - it is the responsibility of the broadcaster to ensure all copyright licences are paid for any material that they may broadcast. Good to know me thinks!
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