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Thread: New Digital Video Editing Course!

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    Default New Digital Video Editing Course!

    Video editing has come a long way since the days of linear tape-to-tape editing. With the introduction of high-speed computer systems capable of capturing, manipulating, and outputting real-time high-quality video, the era of digital video began.

    This course offers an understanding of what digital video editing is and how it can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as a savings of both time and cost. Using Final Cut Pro HD as one of many digital video editing tools, you will learn to capture video, organize your projects, work from a script, edit your footage, use transitions and effects appropriately, output and compress your final project.

    Topics include: Non-linear editing overview, Technical "Nuts n' Bolts," Logging footage, Practical editing, Timing and pacing, Transitions, Titling, Effects, Working with audio, Video output and compression.

    Time is Short - Register Today!

    April 13th-15th, 2005

    Additional classes available:

    Digital Cinematography

    Foundations of Digital Video Production

    Day and Evening classes available.

    To register, please phone 407-896-7326 or email

    Contact: Jan Miller
    Director of Faculty and Student Relations

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    I assume this is free given the lack of pricing?

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    Lack of pricing, lack of location details...

    According to the website, it's $1200.

    Spam has come a long way since the days of giving useful information, like pricing and location...

    Ok, so this IS the pimp the link section, but it's pretty cheeky to come straight here and advertise a commercial thing like this with your first post, and then not post anything else...
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    I'm often in two minds whether I should delete commercial links. In a way I'm paying for them to advertise . That's one of the reasons why I made this section - at least it's all in one place and easily deleted.

    For future reference original poster, I am more than happy to reproduce Press Releases if you email them to the address in my profile.

    It also looks more professional on your part - posting a message like this on a board (which is actually UK-centric) with your a "1" post account does look kinda spammy.

    Incidently, I named the name of the forum Pimp the Link to make people think twice about posting their URL. I wanted to get people to think, "hmm, do I really want to be associated with pimping my site - looks kinda spammy".

    Seriously, if you have any more press releases, email me them and I'll personally post them in the announcements forum which is read by more visitors and never pruned.

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