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Thread: Wedding videographer wanted - Oxfordshire September 2011

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    Default Wedding videographer wanted - Oxfordshire September 2011

    We are getting married on 10 September 2011 in Oxfordshire. We were looking for someone to make a video of our wedding. However, we cannot afford to pay the high prices currently being asked for on the market.

    We are looking for someone who would be willing to record the wedding for travel expenses and a token fee. We were thinking of a student or a start up company who might want to use the video for a portfolio of some kind.

    If anyone is interested please let me know.

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    If you haven't already seen this it might be worth reading before you go too far down the -do it for free- route.

    Calamity cameraman ruined our wedding day - Sunday Sun

    There are many, many people out there dying to get into this market so tread very carefully if you value a wedding DVD.I'm not saying it is impossible to get what you are looking for but don't take anything you hear on face value alone.

    This is not aimed at you: I can't believe that people will pay for balloons, a chocolate fountain, fancy invitations, and lots of other wedding frippery yet think that that the one thing from their wedding that will be with them for ever is not worth paying for.
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    And here Wedding videographer ordered to pay compensation for 'dreadful' 350 video | Mail Online

    if he same from Sunderland to Harlow (where I am) that's a lot of miles and time, ( 5 hours - 260miles)
    lets face what are you going to get for 350, though you would expect some good footage

    This is the clincher, can you get a couple to see this before the wedding, until it is to late.

    "It was heartbreaking, we've got no recollection of our day at all. We don't care about the money but we've lost something from the day. "We've nothing to show our children in the future. I just don't want anyone else to go through what we did"

    Some of video here Video: Wedding cameraman missed vital parts of ceremony - Telegraph

    and some of mine here

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    Buy disposable cameras for everyone..... you'll get a better result.

    ...and no it's not a joke... put cameras on every table and let everyone have free reign. Have a bin to dump the used cameras in at the end.

    You'll get a fun freaky touching result that you can montage later to music.

    It's hard work filming a proper video. Looks easy - but it isn't.
    Plus - what of insurance?..... what if someone slips on a wire? gets a shock or is burnt by a light?..... who are they going to sue?
    Probably you if the videographer doesn't have public liability....
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    ...and that'll be 500 in consulting fees please.

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    Maybe do a skills swap. "Free" video in exchange for free cabs for a year. Or free video in exchange for free plumbing (for a year) or what about cooking dinner for ever.

    wedding video London

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    How about asking the wedding reception to give you free meals for the guests and say you will give them a fee for the washing up liquid.

    Also ask for some free flowers, free vicar and how about including free flights and honeymoon.
    Sure you will be inindated with offers!!!

    What an insult!!!
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    Please have a look on my offer at

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