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    Hey Guys,

    My crew and I just finished off the Finale to a web series we were working on. Please check it out here, I assure you its worth the click

    The Finale: This Is Not My Music Video Episode 6 – Montreal Commercial Photography/ Graphic Design/ Web Design/ Videography

    Montreal Commercial Photography/ Graphic Design/ Web Design/ Videography

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    very nice looking vid, to me it's technically perfect. there are a few things I could say (I always look for things to say that could help the OP improve, but this time it was hard)

    1. while the execution is pretty much "textbook", it's not very original, it looks like many other video clips look like and doesn't really show any "personality", it's like french soul music, the techniques are down but it lacks some balls.
    2. maybe tell the singer about auto tune plugins, or the "off key singing" is a gimmick maybe ? in which case he should check out Dudley Perkins who's really good at singing "half off key"

    Anyway, it's really "pop music" in all aspects, but I know I prefer to watch some more "original material" content wise. That being said, bravo on the whole thing, it's brilliantly executed, I wish I could be half as good. But I really hope I'll be twice that good someday as there's a lot of room for improvement in the creativity area.

    Now I can also understand as it was an "order" from a "customer", you are less inclined to take creative risks, and I'd love to see some stuff where you go all out, using 100% of your own ideas and inspiration.

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