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Thread: Audio is distorted due to loudness - what can final cut do?

  1. Default Audio is distorted due to loudness - what can final cut do?


    I filmed a very close friends 50th birthday and was using a sony vx2100 - had the audio on too loud and now all the audio is distorted.... I am in desperate need of any help any one can offer on what i can do to recover it/improve it in any way possible in final cut pro 4 as there was a live band playing and so they want their music...

    Thank you very much!

    Please reply ASAP

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    Have you transferred to PC/Mac yet? If so, just post the wav file and I'll be happy to take a look/listen at it.

    Unfortunately, garbage in is garbage out. If the distortion is started at the input, then its recorded (semi)permanently. The best that can be done is some post production editting and cleaning. Crackle and noise reduction will help with (but not fix) the distortion problem, and some limiting can help with the band noise (maybe).

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    Default Sound Fix

    The degree to which an audio clip can be repaired is often a function of how bad the distortion is to begin with. You can try to normalize the clip to start with and then work on the really bad areas individually using equalization to isolate problem frequency ranges. I'm not sure if Final Cut has a tool for this. If not, you can download a free trial of Sony's Sound Forge. This tool is not hard to use and has the functionality to manipulate audio in just about any way you can think of.

    Like darkroom stated, if you post a link to the audio file we could be more specific in our suggestions.

    Good luck.

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    Just dub over with fake words that totally don't go with what the people are saying on the screen.
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