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Thread: Cutting early segment from Complex file

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    Default Cutting early segment from Complex file

    Hi, I have a longish (6 minute) clip with hundreds of edits already, images, sound, video. My editor's asked me to cut segments from early on, and I need a way to group everything after the split together to move them up simultaneously, and prevent me from having to resynch the whole video. I'm sure there's a simple way - but how? Many thanks, and apologies if I've missed a post on this - I did search through the forum!

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    Press the ripple button and make sure all track is selected. Then every thing on all the tracks to the right of the cutting will move in synch to the gap that you made. Hope that helps.
    If you don't want all tracks to move you can choose just the active track. or select the first clip and the last clip and group them.

    There are may ways to deal with this. If he's the editor why isn't he doing it ?

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    Cool THanks!

    That's really helpful. Exactly what I needed!

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    I didn't know about that either! I've always drag selected the latter tracks and moved them along manually. xD Thanks for the tip Midnight Blue.

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