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Thread: Training Montage Video - What do you think?

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    Default Training Montage Video - What do you think?

    So any pointers and criticism/praise would be much apreciated



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    First off - I think you wasted the quad split - I'd have frozen the frames on contact rather than... well nothing really...
    Also - shame you seemed to get distracted by an elephant at the 2 min mark...
    I actualy quite liked it - but it needs trimming down I think - tighter edits - snappier cuts - it just seems like there's little thought gone in to where to cut - they all seem a bit random...

    Finally - buy a tripod - the hand held inside ring stuff is ok, but some steady shots would make so much difference...

    EDIT - I forgot to mention - really like the stuff with the kid at the end - it gives your man a 'human' side that was quite unexpected.

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    Thanks so much for your input!
    Quad split. You are very correct and I hope that is possible to achieve using cyberlink powerdirector. If it is I shall do it next time.
    Honestly my current method for editing is I pretty much film everything and when it comes to editing I try to be imaginative and just put what I have together in an interesting way. There isn't really much planning that goes into it pre-production apart from I try to get plenty of shots at different angles and distances so I can splice things together in a way to make it look like theres more than one camera. This is only my third video of this kind though so I'm hoping to improve and get a professional look. Tripod! Ok I promise you shall see that in the next one! I'm actually going to be making a similar video for the worlds number 1 Muay Thai fighter for his upcoming bout in the UK. Saenchai Sinbimuaythai. So want to do my best because it will likely be getting thousands of views!

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    Not a bad video showing what it takes to do the job. A good mix of shots. I would have liked to have some real sound and not just a sound track all the way through.

    Well done

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    Thanks for the kind words from both of you! You really have made my day! I've put so much effort into trying to improve the quality of my work so it means a lot to hear experienced people giving unbiased, positive comments along with your constructive criticism In this next video i'm soon to be working on im contemplating a green screen for the subject and doing a timelapse of the gym, then having him training in the middle of the timelapse in slow motion... not the entire time but just for a small segment to give it a kick! Also want to use some high contrasting lighting filming in the dark with a raised spotlight and a more arty feel for part of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pritch View Post contemplating a green screen for the subject and doing a timelapse of the gym, then having him training in the middle of the timelapse in slow motion... .
    As much as I admire your ambition - I think you need to get the basics right first - walk before you run ok? There's nothing to stop you making great videos with the subject the way it is - so why complicate matters - and green screening isn't as easy as you might think - done properly that is.

    I'd hone the skills you've gained so far - practice, get the edits better, focus on getting quality footage - then, when all that's in place - then take it up a notch..

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    Ok thanks for the advice! The green screen is more of an experiment really. There's a good chance it won't get used.

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    Hi, there are some very good ideas in it, but it's fairly long and really, it's too bad you got distracted by that elephant, the elephant being on the scene was great, but you should have moved on and not focus on it, it'd have been great if it was just like "business as usual"

    as for the fight scenes, you wanted to have dynamic music but you didn't have dynamic images, the scenes were too long. You probably know about it but the best vid material I've seen as far as fighting/montage/editing is the promotional vids they do for the UFC, they're extremely dynamic and perfectly on sync with the music, I find they do a great job making the whole thing very nice to watch

    a couple examples (same theme)

    but the elephant scene and some other ones look too much like a "tourist film"

    did you make a storyboard before filming ?

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    No storyboard. Maybe I should? I have got this written down for my next video.
    Its to go in sync with a certain song Cheers for the video links btw some good ideas!

    Scene 1 Start
    4 shots ambience from the natural sound
    Zoom in on Sinbi Muay Thai Sign - Time comes up on screen
    Cut to Saenchai getting back from his run
    establish the scene with Saenchai stretching
    Closup of him stretching
    Scene 2 – 17 seconds
    Music kicks in, text appears and training begins
    Training consists of 4 second clips going between every element of training. Scene 2 for low intensity
    Scene 3 - 1min 34
    Medium intensity training
    Scene 4 - 2min.2
    High intensity clips
    Scene 4 2min.30
    Green screen! – Have saenchai doing bagwork and padwork,
    Hitting pads slow motion, students timelapse fast around
    Hitting pads normal speed Students timelapse around
    Student timelapse visually slows and goes slow motion– Saenchai is hitting regular
    2.58 spotlight on, low light filming of skipping, shadowboxing , footwork and some informational text about saenchai
    3.26 – pick up intensity again, low intensity – extra low so next scene makes bigger impact
    3.50 Real High Intensity!!!

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    Hi, I think music was designed to annoy video makers as a track always is too short to fit on a piece.
    The first time I came on here I was encouraged to use less I use hardly any, Too many on yours I think. Initially the introduction music would explain that there will be lots of special effects, heros and explosions. Please less hollywood ....!!! I liked the guys profile, he realy does pull some odd faces doesn't he??. You need to get in close and get more ECUs (extreame close ups). The only other thing ....the iconic convention of a slow motion knock out punch????? Where was it???

    I really liked the last bit with the lad there.... very human

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