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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Ultimate HD v.14-audio out of sync with two separate capture devices!

  1. Default Pinnacle Studio Ultimate HD v.14-audio out of sync with two separate capture devices!

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 HD version 14-

    The two devices are -
    (1) The PCI-500 Capture device that came with Pinnacle's Studio 12.1 (with only video capture - S-video, FireWire, and RCA Video IN/OUT.

    The audio goes into the Realtek HD Audio soundcard input on the MoBo. (not a dedicated PCI soundcard) It Came with the MSI motherboard.

    The software program prior to this I tried first was the Studio Movieboard 12.1, which came with a PCI card called a PCI-500 to bring the video in,(S-video, FireWire, and RCA Video IN/OUT, but no audio in/output. When I upgraded to the latest HD 14 Studio, it did not come with a PCI capture device, so I used that one with the HD Ultimate version.
    FIRST~ I brought audio from my JVC analog camera OUT into the RealTek AudioHD onboard sound to computer. (no sound card installed like Turtle Beach or Creative Soundblaster, etc.)
    SECOND~ Then the Video out from analog camera to the PCI card.

    After I captured, edited, and made movie, I played back and the audio was totally out of sync, maybe a few seconds. I have spent countless hours and wasted many TDK DVD+R discs trying to troubleshoot why I am having sync/dropped frames while trying to capture analog VHS-C camcorder tapes to ultimately burn to DVD.

    1) Camera- 1997 GR-AXM25U Analog Camcorder with (one Audio, and one Video IN, JLIP, and RF DC out)
    2) Old Panasonic PV8451 VCR with RCA Composite AUDIO IN/OUT, VIDEO IN/OUT ONLY, ((no FireWire, Component, or S-Video ))

    Pinnacle support and myself have been going roundy rounds, mostly on my part, The only response from them was to turn down the DATARATE from 6 to 4 then try 2, but the audio is still off by a few seconds. Did not make any difference.

    Doesn't matter of it's my canon G6 Digital video, analog Panasonic VCR, or JVC 1997 Analog Camcorder, it all is off sync. I've de-fragged, cleaned up disc,emptied all temp/internet files, redirected the video to go to secondary 500GB HDD (Storage) instead of to my Boot 74GB Raptor HDD for apps,to minimize paging files and resources, and end tasked all programs running in the background before I start to capture to Studio.

    Someone mentioned a pass-thru method using a DV tape camera (without any tape) connect JVC analog camcorder into the DV tape camera, (with VHS-C tapes) then use a firewire connect to go to computer. Is this my only option?

    P-35 Platinum MS-7345 Mobo
    Windows XP Home Edition SP3
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs)
    2.4 GHz, 3328 MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512 Memory Size
    Realtek HD Audio Output Sound
    DirectX version: 9.0c
    Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035wm Series
    Pioneer DVD -111D CD/DVD
    NERO 9
    Pinnacle Ultimate Studio HD v.14
    ...with PCI-500 AVID capture device

    I have about 50 VHS-C camcorder tapes I want to capture (using most audio on video) edit, create chapters, effects, then burn to DVDS.
    *Any ideas on what scenario(s) could possible work using any of the above hardware/software for the (best analog capture with the best sound and video in sync? My issues is the sound does not match the video when being captured from camcorder. I've tried starting the camcorder, pausing it until I see the video frame on my Studio preview capture screen, then hit record, but it still goes out of sync.

    ADVC110 was a possible fixer, but what I've been told, I need a powerful Full Raster Time Base Corrector (TBC) but they are expensive, and even the Canopus 110 or 300 are a few hundred dollars, and no guarantee that they would fix my out of sync problem.

    Thank you for any replies or suggestions...Most people I've talked to hate the pinnacle studio products for lack of support, and issues like these that never get resolved. I also know full well that I am not the only one with these issues. I do like STUDIOSí easy to use editing tools, and do not want to copy straight from analog tape onto a DVD without first editing the bad stuff out first.

    I think the obvious. For Pinnacle to create a pci capture video device without the audio together on the same line is crazy! But why do they make such a beast? All Iím doing is capturing audio and video signals through different devices. How can that work?

    If I capture audio and video together on the same piece of hardware, the audio and video clocks will be synced together, and then one might think that I would not run into A/V sync issues. Other sites I post to tell me that I need a syncpulse, timecode, or a Genlock device to sync Audio and video together, and that my Videocard (in this case my PCI-500 capture card, and my onboard sound card (RealtekHD Audio) are incapable of achieving this through pinnacle.
    Is that why more and more posts here on these boards are from people suffering from these same issues? So now I have Pinnacle's Movieboard 12.1 and Ultimate HD Studio that are worth nothing?

    Thank you for any replies! Have good day!
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