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Thread: Looking for software.

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    Default Looking for software.

    I'm looking for software that can change the overall "look" of a film.. for example you may be able to give the entire movie a reddish tint, or make all lights in the movie glow a little more, etc. Can premier do that?

    I'm asking for my brother, so i don't really know what he wants to do with it.

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    Yes. Magic Bullet is an example of a plugin for Premiere.
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    magic Bullet is excellent. definitely what you're after. however, there is a certain dollar value associated with it. premier does coem with colour correction filters which you can use for a simple colour tint type effect. have a play.

    Also, when you register your copy of Premiere pro on Adobe's web site you get a freebie version of a handful of the Magic Bullet effects. Very good.

    make sure you have a play with those. let us know how you get on.


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