Can someone please help ?

When I view the .mts file on the JVC everio GZ HD10EKI get the time and date information. When I load the same .MTS file onto my machine I cant get the get the time and date as displayed on the camera. Where is this time and date information stored and why is it not part of the MTS file ? How can I get it onto the .MTS file ?

Secondly the playback on linux is grainy and every 30seconds there is a little jump in the film. Are there any viewers available that are better or am I missing codecs - I have downloaded every codec I could find ?

Finally google converts the MTS file very well to MPEG 4 ? or something like this, so you upload via document upload, wait a while and it is available for download in another format. BUT the time and date information is not available ?

I am losing the time and date stamp on the video. Life should just be a lot easier than this - all I want to do is back up the files on my pc without losing the data ?

By time and date information I mean on the bottom right is has the time and date that the video was recorded in.

Thank you